Author of Jackfish, The Vanishing Village & Song Over Quiet Lake

Praise for Jackfish, The Vanishing Village


“Jackfish, The Vanishing Village, is a stunning work of fiction that reads like a memoir. It’s easy to become so engrossed in this story that you almost fail to notice what a good writer Burns really is.  Her descriptive prose is just as vivid when applied to the real world as to her character’s emotional turmoil.” – Bookstack

“Sarah Felix Burns has masterfully written a book so eloquent in description, yet so horrifically tragic that the line between beautiful and ugliness becomes blurred in a strangely contradictory way. Have you ever heard Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven? If I had to put this book to music, I would pick Moonlight Sonata. Hector Berlioz is said to have remarked that this particular piece “is one of those poems that human language does not know how to qualify.” This describes exactly my feelings on Jackfish, A Vanishing Village.” – Old Musty Books

“Jackfish will mesmerize and invoke a gamut of emotions. Not since, Bastard Out of Carolina will you be so moved by a book of this kind.” – Book Buffet

“Burns is a talented writer. She has written a novel of importance to women, especially women who have suffered at the hands of another or who have made choices in their lives they regret. Within the darkness of the subject matter, Burns allows rays of hope and enlightenment.” – Wendy Robard

“It is hard to describe a book that makes you feel so many things, I feel like every emotion has been explored, but all I can say is I loved the journey that Ms.Burns took me on. Jackfish is vivid, poignant and extraordinary storytelling.” – Cherise Everhard


Praise for Song Over Quiet Lake


“Song Over Quiet Lake is a story of profound loss and of the ability of the human heart to find joy and continue to love against overwhelming odds. Burns has given life to a complex cast of characters… it is Lydie’s voice which emerges strong and powerful, pulling the other characters into her sphere as their stories interconnect. She is a survivor, an elder whose wisdom and joy shine from the page.” – The Chronicle Herald

“Song Over Quiet Lake centers on human traits that most readers will find some level of connection with, those of sadness, loss; grief and guilt are cunningly balanced out with love, hope and joy. This is not a sad story but one of understanding and balance.” – Book Buffet

“What shines through in her writing is Burns’ understanding of the human condition and the degree of empathy she evokes in reader for her characters.” – Whistler Reader

“The concept of an elder and a young student befriending each other is quite believable. As the two women revealed the past events in their lives, I was surprised at my emotional response to them.  Yes, I cried more than a few times. It is clearly shown in this book that we all are not just who we appear to be on the surface.  We all have back stories that follow us, it’s how we chose to deal with them that makes us who we truly are inside.” – Books and Quilts

“A touching and uplifting tale, Song Over Quiet Lake is a fascinating and fun read, sure to please many a reader.” – Midwest Book Review